Open Endings

Open Endings


Solo exhibition in Y gallery in Kópavogur.

"We are descended from others as others can descend from us. The dots spread out, the line lengthens, the circle expands. The older lives in the younger, the past in the present."
- excerpt from a text by Freyja Þórsdóttir (roughly translated)

In the exhibition Open Endings, several new works meet, all of which are connected through the physical or existential. The works feature, among other, ideas of infinity and finitude, stillness and the conceptual or sensory collision of body and object.

Open Endings (End Caps), powder coated steel, 87,5 x 9 x 18 cm.

Stillness (#), ceramic, glue, rebar, wood, 42 x 46 x 7 cm.

Falls Through, HD Video, 4:50 min.

Eyes Around Corners, wood, screws, glue, glass eyes, 43,5 x 60 cm.

Navels of People and Fruit, monoprint on paper, mat board, frame with UV protected glass, 52,5 x 62,5 cm.

Enter 4 (threshold frame), thresholds (oak), glue, screws, glass, ceramic, 88,5 x 88,5 x 3 cm.

Exhibition handout with text by Freyja Þórsdóttir